Day 3: The Bosphorus and Golden Horn. ‘I am just come from an expedition through the Bosphorus’

'Some Samples of the Finest Orientalism'

‘I have been up the Bosphorus into the Black Sea, round the walls of the city, and, indeed, I know more of it by sight than I do of London. I hope to amuse you some winter’s evening with the details, but at present you must excuse me; – I am not able to write long letters in June.’

Lord Byron, letter to his mother. Constantinople, June 28, 1810.

It may be the end of August rather than June, but after heading out into the Bosphorus, I am likewise  going to be brief. The Bosphorus, the water dividing Europe from Asia, the gateway to the East, or alternatively to the West, provides a fitting symbol for the day. I have crossed from Europe to Asia and back again, and know that I leave the former behind as I pass on from Istanbul to Canakkale tomorrow. It has been a day…

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