A Museum and a Schizophrenic in Amasra

Turkish Travels, with a Turkish-English Dictionary

“Amasra: it hides the sea’s song, mind’s burly voice and mermaids screams inside.  Well. It is unknown how much the God worked to make up this city.”  This piece of tortured prose — from the brochure they hand me at the entrance to the Amasra Museum on the Black Sea Coast — is an excellent example of what happens when you choose the lowest bidder for English translation services.  And, I would be depriving you of a deeply moving experience if I didn’t also quote this piece of doggerel from the poet Tahir Karağoz, cited in the same document:

Adam, who was banished because of a fruit,
Would find Eve here, not at the bottom of yardarm.

The museum is much better than the brochure might lead you to believe, and includes artifacts from many different eras of Amasra’s long history as a port city. A brief listing of the…

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