Adjusting to Istanbul | Lisa Hsia

I am a bit sick. I must have gotten it from Erik, though curiously enough we also have friends laid up in London and the US, not to mention our host here in Istanbul. Anyway, I don’t feel too awful (so far, knock on wood!) and resting perfectly suits my continued inclination for quiet time.

Havyar Sokak

{as always, click on images to enlarge, or mouse over for my notes}

Mother cat and kittens

Our first several days here I was constantly suffused with feelings of otherness. I suppose this is how I would have felt in Hong Kong or Taiwan, if I weren’t Chinese. As it was, in those places, even though I was a foreigner, faces and foods looked familiar, I understood much of what I heard spoken, and I could even read a little. Here — although by now it feels almost normal to be in a strange city where the customs…

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