Have a little faith in Istanbul


Istanbul Arya Sofia

When flying in to Istanbul, the pointy spikes of its countless minarets create a thorny silhouette of this hilly city and its mighty Bosphorus river. As you drive in closer to the old city and the sprawlingly glitzy parts of downtown the darts become a vital counterpart to the many domes, topping each other in greatness and splendour.

Istanbul from Bosphorus

Probably best viewed from a boat though, the skyline becomes picturesque on cue, with the sun painting colours that match the cities grand past and present glory. So you be sure spending a splendid day in Sultanahmet, ticking off sights, markets and hammam spas with ease. With the exception of the bazars, all of it is worth your time. Don’t even bother for the grand bazar, the building complex is nicely putting your orientation sense out of order, however besides that it’s rather boring. Something a market normally should avoid being at…

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