Istanbul: Meatballs and mosques | Lisa Hsia

I am happy to report I am getting comfortable with Istanbul.

We had köfte (meatballs) for lunch today, at a place Istanbul Eats calls “the Cadillac of meatballs.” We would never have tried the place without their recommendation (thank you Z for introducing us to their book!), because (a) we never would have set foot on Kurabiye Sokak, a little street off İstiklal Caddesi, and (b) not only did they not have an English menu, they had no menu at all.

Kurabiye Sokak

{as always, mouse over photos for description, or click to enlarge}

When we arrived at Kurabiye Sokak around noon, we found a quiet street dappled with restaurants, all of which looked appealing — though Köfteci Hüseyin was by far the busiest, with only four empty seats in the place. Nearly all the diners seemed to be businesspeople, and all the tables held variations on the same few…

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