Paragliding off Babadag

Walking the Lycian Way

The drive to the summit of Babadag – nearly 2,000 metres, is stirring enough through pine trees. With each hairpin the valleys below reveal another layer. The final ascent is announced by a narrow newly cobbled road. Even hardened skiers used to the lifts in the Alps and Rockies may feel a few twinges of fear…

The summit is a carpet of new stone swirling around the tip – a strip perhaps 100 metres by 50 metres jammed over an abyss. It is a view of views. An aeroplane of a view across lagoons, bays, all sense of perspective squeezed out by the magnificence of the scale – too much for an ordinary camera lens to swallow up perhaps 20 miles of panoramic vista all around.

Like a good horror movie there is in fact nothing here that is genuinely frightneing – flyers are strapped to pros and glide safely into nothing…

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