Following footsteps – Gallipoli, Turkey

Living La Bonne Vie

6 & 7 October

Gallipoli was somewhere both Bec and I were keen to get to, for obvious reasons, so we jumped on the ferry from Çannakale and cruised across the Dardanelles to Eceabat, from where we would set out to tour the peninsula’s battlefields and memorials.

My historical interests are predominantly political and military – well mostly military – and Gallipoli is one of the first battles I recall studying as a spotty 15-year-old. I studied it more in-depth later in life, but of course it was always from the New Zealand perspective. What I was interested in learning more about was how a battle that shaped our own identity also shaped the career of Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) and ultimately the foundation of Turkey as a republic.

There is a certain ignorance, or even arrogance, among New Zealanders and Australians when it comes to Gallipoli – as if the site…

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