Seeing a great flight offer for Istanbul, and with fresh memories from trip to this great city, I started to have cravings for Istanbul / turkish sweets.

Istanbul has over 13,5 million people it is the biggest city of Turkey but not its capital (it is Ankara). I don`t know person that didn`t like Istanbul, so you`ll also be delighted.

I believe that some people think that it is an old city, maybe even undeveloped, something as arabic cities of Mediterranean. No, no, no! You`ll be surprised and get rid of all the bad thought that you might had. History, culture, sweets, meat delights, places for shopping, party and relax – Istanbul has everything.

Istanbul is a crossroad of two worlds, an important sea ​​passage and port, a place where to continents meet (Europe and Asia) and a meeting place of merchant from all over the world. Istanbul has an…

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