Ancient Ruins and Rental Car Adventures Part II: İzmir to Selçuk

Turkish Musings

The second full day of our trip consisted of doing some last-second visits in Izmir and driving down to Selçuk, the location of the ancient city of Ephesus, Church of St. John, and many more sites. Of course, since this trip wasn’t well organized to begin with (see Part I if you missed it), we made some minor major errors when we drove between locations….but more about that later. First, we finished off our time in Izmir by visiting a navy museum….

Navy Museum

We saw it the night before and it looked cool enough for us to check out. We also ate breakfast across from it:

Stray cats and dogs are everywhere in Turkey, but I saw A LOT of cats at this restaurant we ate at. I fed them–couldn’t help myself–and this led to more cats moseying their way over to our table. I would take them all…

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