Anatolian and Rumelian Castle

Anatolian and Rumelian Castle


Fortress of Anatolian, the narrowest part of the Bosphorus in 1395 by Bayezid I built walls. Istanbul Bosphorus near Rumelian war with the army to seize and safely to the shore, were made to pass. On the outside, the castle, city state. The east-west diameter of 65 m, the north-south diameter of 80 m and 2-5 m in thickness of the walls. There are grills on the walls. Cylindrical shape made ​​of three towers on the fortress walls to protect.

Bayezid I built the first fort inn at the narrowest part of the Bosphorus. Göksu limestone and shale layers occurring between the sea and over the hill. Old sources “Güzelhisar, Güzelcehisar, Yenihisar, Yenicehisar, Akhisar” in their names are mentioned. Was built in order to prevent the Byzantines for help via the Black Sea.

Anatolian Fortress, the main castle, inside the castle walls, and consists of three…

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