Cafe the Best, Besiktas, Turkey


Some decisions are rather easy. They’re clear. Just say no.

(Your conscious says, for the love of all things divine: no.)

But most decisions are harder: choices for for grad school, brand of chocolate bar to appraise today, publically mocking friend who has chosen to wear leggings as pants…

Not every decision is a critical moral decision (ex: should I have the second cupcake?).

No, most decisions are between good, better, best (THREE CUPCAKES. And a side of cookie).

Like…the choice between moving to a foreign country or sticking to the status quo.

Decisions, we make ’em everyday.

Now some people possess this natural, authoritative sense of conviction. They know what they want, they go out, and get it — they don’t stop until they do. For them, no second opinion is necessary. Don’t need no doctas! For they are 100% positive that they are correct; they are ruthless and…

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