digital activism in the developing world

devastatingly abstract

I recently attended a 2 day workshop in Istanbul as part of MIT Center for Civic Media project headed by Ethan Zuckerman. The project, working-titled ‘Digital Activism in the Developing World’, explores various different examples of activism in non-central/periphery nation states, with the goal being to provide alternative perspectives and examples within the wider field of digital activism research – a field that is often unapologetically Western/centric. You’ll note that I’ve already used an incoherent multitude of words to describe the regions of the world in question within the one paragraph. What was once more made clear to me was that we don’t even have a robust noun with which to describe nations states that are not power centres; are not OECD-status; are not yet fully developed; are poorly described as developing; are somewhere between post-/industrial; are that dated moniker ‘3rd world’. Huge swathes of the world live in…

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