Instanbul not Constantinople

Saarf London Bird


This past weekend, my lovely chum Lanny & I flew out to Istanbul for a long overdue escape from kids, work and general shenanigans!! Of course, I could do a jolly sensible travellers blog about the visit but instead, I thought it would be more fun to do some top tens. So here they are!

Things we learnt about Istanbul…..


  1. It’s hilly.
  2. The cab drivers are lunatics.
  3. The shopkeepers are “persistent”.
  4. All the women appear to have disappeared.
  5. Vegetarians live on a diet of cheese & aubergines.
  6. Wine is ridiculously expensive.
  7. They have prayer calls over very loud speakers at 530am.
  8. There are a LOT of cats.
  9. They sell pomegranate juice. Gallons of the stuff.
  10. They’re due a major earthquake……

Things I learnt about Lanny…..


  1. She’s slightly dyslexic – Lanny: “Oh look, we’re in the Faith district!” Lorna: “No Lanny, It’s Fatih” Lanny: “Oh yes…..”
  2. She’s paranoid about dying under…

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