The Getting of Wisdom

P1010623The grey blue roof of the Blue Mosque blended in with the early morning sky – it was a lovely sight to behold. Cousin R and I had arrived in the early hours, after the morning call to prayer has sounded but before the city’s tourist heartbeat began in earnest. Cafe workers were industriously setting up for the day, fetching loaves of freshly baked bread from local bakers. The city was quiet and still. I was sorry to disrupt it with the grate of the wheels of my suitcase on the cobblestones, on which a particularly welcoming Istanbul bird had just  left a generous deposit – I was told it was surely a lucky sign.

We marvelled at the alluring sight of neatly stacked Turkish delight and baklava in an endless parade of tearooms. The red colouring signifying rosewater or raspberry flavours, dotted with freshly roasted nuts (pistachios being a…

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