Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey is a beautiful place and we can see it from photos!  Now imagine when you are actually going there. One of the most famous locations in Turkey is Istanbul; however it is not the capital of Turkey. When deciding the capital of Turkey they chose Ankara, because it is less likely to be under attack if there was any war in the nearby countries; since its located right in the middle of the Turkey.    Istanbul is the largest city in turkey and also one of the most famous one.  Its location is very important because it is where two continents meet; Asia and Europe.

Map of Turkey

 Things to do in Istanbul

 1.  Visit Grand Bazaa

A picture of the Grand Bazaar  The Grand Bazaar is the most local place a traveler can visit. It has many crafts, food, shops and everything else you can imagine. It’s the home of over 5,000 different vendors.  The hours are very…

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