Meet Me in the Morning


It has been a week of meetings for me.  Last weekend, I did go away to Bursa, but let’s work backwards, if only for the sake of this post’s title.

On Monday, we had a meeting at school between the principal and we three English teachers.  Remember, the principal doesn’t speak any English, so, yes, technically it was a meeting, since we did meet, but the conversation was pretty thin.  Considering that, though, it is pretty impressive that the principal made each of us feel like crap afterwards.  Perhaps because of the language barrier, she wasn’t able to balance her criticisms with commendations.  Perhaps she didn’t have any commendations.  I may never know.  She had overall criticisms, and she had individual criticisms.  Of course, we ranted about it afterwards.  Comments included: Why doesn’t she try to teach a foreign language to a bunch of four year-olds?I could…

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