Sofa Poets Park, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey


Sometimes I am alone in my humor.

But I think the way Jay-Z writes a song and the way that I try to be funny are pretty much the same:

“I spend a lot of time fighting myself to stay out of the way of a great song. It’s hard for me to leave a song alone, in its natural state”

Oh yeah. I know how you feel Mr. Z. I too try not to cage the spoken word — Snorkel snorkle, dribble is free! That ostrich gots to fly, son!– although, sometimes people don’t get it.

Like that one time I was at a bus stop and quipped, “I found religion!” after seeing this sign: 


Blank stares from companions. I tried to save it, “you know? Like Marx? And China, don’t forget China. Mao…for peasants…Uh, it’s funny, Lenin…Ringo…canoe”

“Cookie, that’s not funny.”

Okay, fine.

But it’s not that I…

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