Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque, Istanbul Pt. 1: Of Sushi and Fro-Yo


Back in my home town, there’s this phenomenon called “The Kitsap Shrug Off.” You see that nice kid from your classical lit class (who you’re pretty sure smokes pot during his daily mid-class bathroom breaks) at the Fro-Yo shop (he likes creamy snacks too, I guess I shouldn’t judge) and instead of saying hi, nodding, or raising your goblet of iced curdle in acknowledgement, you shrug him off. You both pretend the other isn’t there and then you both hop on your merry way. “Have a nice day, somewhere else.”

Don’t get me wrong, people from the Greater Seattle area are nice people — we hold doors open, we smile at babies, we’re down right obsequious drivers, and we give hugs because our warmth kind of actually does depend on it — but if you’re just a vague inclination or we really just don’t care for you, let’s be honest, don’t…

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